Ready, Set, Love: Elise & Ben's Ultimate Grand Canyon Photo Adventure

Okay, these two are freakin’ models and KILLED their sunrise session at the Grand Canyon! I’m actually obsessed with the way Ben looks at Elise. Seriously, the sweetest.

Before we swoon over their love story & chat all about the photo session favorites, let’s meet the Grand Canyon landscape that compliments Elisa & Ben’s love for one another.


After our INSANE session at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, we drove almost four hours to get to our hotel in Grand Canyon Village.

Now, I need you to picture little ol’ me driving an SUV in the complete darkness of the desert, afraid of heights and not knowing what was behind every curve. Absolutely terrifying.

Then, insert a massive elk and that takes it to a whole new level…

But, I am happy to say we arrived at our hotel by 12AM - just in time for our 5AM wake up call. ROUGH. Even at a 4 hour turn around, we KNEW it was going to be worth it!


For the canyon photo session, we were going to be on the South Rim, so we scouted for a location point that would have good light. There are two times of day that are my absolute favorite to shoot - right at sunrise or two hours before sunset.

We decided the best place to start was at Yavapai Point and head towards Mather Point. And, BOY was it perfect!

The Grand Canyon has been on my bucket list forever and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. After going for one day, I know that I will definitely be back. There are so many other places that I want to explore. It’s so vast and honestly just breathtaking.


Elise and Ben were in Arizona for school (Ben’s originally from Illinois and Elise is from Minnesota) when they both ended up at the same bar one night. Ben noticed Elise from across the room and got her a drink. They started chatting, but other than following each other on social media, that was all the contact they had… for a YEAR.

Ben texted Elise a year later out of the blue. At first Elise was hesitant, but after a couple of dates the rest was history!

Y’all, these two were naturals in front of the camera! It’s all about being comfortable and having fun with your boo.


One thing I loved about this session was the fact that they trusted us to help them with their outfit choices! When it comes to outfit suggestions, my main goals are to ensure:

  1. You’re comfortable

  2. It’s something you would actually wear in your everyday life and

  3. You can MOVE!

Elise and Ben brought a bunch of options, and we chose colors and combos that worked with the environment. The Grand Canyon had a lot of orange and green tones so we played off those!

Enjoy these magical photos!

Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-3.jpg
Grand Canyon Couple Session-8.jpg
Best Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-12.jpg
Ultimate Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-18.jpg
national park adventures couple session-16.jpg
Grand Canyon Photographer Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-24.jpg
Couple Session at Grand Canyon-27.jpg
Grand Canyon Photographer Captured Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-38.jpg
Grand Canyon Couple Session Style Guide-42.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-55.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-62.jpg
What to Wear for a Photos Couple Session -56.jpg
Couple Session - Be Authentic-67.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-64.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-70.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-77.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-91.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-92.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-87.jpg

All the best,


PS: I made a style guide for my couples that I would love to share with you!