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Bryce Canyon Couples Session & Kayak Inspired Love Story: Meet Nick & Savannah!

FIRST things first: Nick and Savannah, y’all know how to rock the romance out of Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah!

Secondly, if you’ve read my blog about how I met my husband, you will know I am obsessed with love stories that just “happen.” Nick and Savannah’s meet-cute is something out of a romantic comedy and seriously so freakin’ sweet!

And, it all starts with a kayak adventure.

Here’s how one destined adventure changed Nick and Savannah’s lives forever:

The Meet-Cute

Savannah is from Knoxville and was visiting a friend in Florida. One day during Savannah’s trip, her friend, friend’s family and Savannah decided to go on a guided kayak tour. Her friend’s family adopted a little boy and as he was putting on his life jacket Savannah commented on how cute the little boy was.

At the sound of Savannah’s voice, their tour guide looked up… his eyes met Savannah’s eyes…

And, Savannah immediately turned away... wide-eyed and blushing, she whispered to her friend “Did you see that guy?!”

Enter Nick.

“That guy” was Nick, and Nick wasn’t supposed to work that day.

It just so happened that Nick’s friend got sick and needed Nick to fill his shift. Nick’s friend told him that it was “just a family,” so he rolled up, hair disheveled and completely not put together.

When Nick saw Savannah, he was immediately taken aback by her and was just as nervous as she was during the guided tour.

After their immediate connection, Savannah said she was shaking throughout the entire day while they were flirting.

Although the kayak flirting only lasted for a few hours, destiny was just gettin’ started with these two…

Two months later,

the kayak company, who hosted the tour, posted photos from their excursion on Facebook. Savannah and her friend’s family were tagged in the photos and Nick liked the album.

She casually – okay, intentionally – stalked him on Facebook and eventually friend requested him. Savannah says she was convinced he did it deliberately, since he didn’t like any of the other albums, but Nick said he “just liked it.” RIGHT. We believe you, Nick ;)

Nick messaged Savannah, almost immediately after her request, and the rest was history!

When Nick proposed,

he took Savannah kayaking - specifically back to the place where they first met.

He brought all of his camera gear to document the moment. Savannah questioned it but brushed it off.

Once he got to the floating dock where he wanted to propose, he pulled the ring out of his backpack and all Savannah could say was “Stop it! Stop it!”

BUT, obviously, next came the “yes” - even if his grandma is still convinced otherwise. ;)

Cheers to Nick & Savannah - They got married last May!

There is so much more to this love story, but as they were telling us about their lives you could tell these newlyweds were just absolutely in love and completely down for anything when it came to their photos. We had such a variety of shots and an amazing time!

Enjoy Nick & Savannah’s dreamy, energizing photo adventure below:

Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah Adventure Couple Session.jpg
Couple Photo Session in Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.jpg
Bryce Canyon Pics in Utah Couples Photoshoot.jpg

Who wants to have a couples session at Bryce Canyon now?

I would love to be your professional third wheel on your next love story adventure! Let’s connect here & get to it!

All the best,


Ready, Set, Love: Elise & Ben's Ultimate Grand Canyon Photo Adventure

Okay, these two are freakin’ models and KILLED their sunrise session at the Grand Canyon! I’m actually obsessed with the way Ben looks at Elise. Seriously, the sweetest.

Before we swoon over their love story & chat all about the photo session favorites, let’s meet the Grand Canyon landscape that compliments Elisa & Ben’s love for one another.


After our INSANE session at Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, we drove almost four hours to get to our hotel in Grand Canyon Village.

Now, I need you to picture little ol’ me driving an SUV in the complete darkness of the desert, afraid of heights and not knowing what was behind every curve. Absolutely terrifying.

Then, insert a massive elk and that takes it to a whole new level…

But, I am happy to say we arrived at our hotel by 12AM - just in time for our 5AM wake up call. ROUGH. Even at a 4 hour turn around, we KNEW it was going to be worth it!


For the canyon photo session, we were going to be on the South Rim, so we scouted for a location point that would have good light. There are two times of day that are my absolute favorite to shoot - right at sunrise or two hours before sunset.

We decided the best place to start was at Yavapai Point and head towards Mather Point. And, BOY was it perfect!

The Grand Canyon has been on my bucket list forever and I honestly didn’t know what to expect. After going for one day, I know that I will definitely be back. There are so many other places that I want to explore. It’s so vast and honestly just breathtaking.


Elise and Ben were in Arizona for school (Ben’s originally from Illinois and Elise is from Minnesota) when they both ended up at the same bar one night. Ben noticed Elise from across the room and got her a drink. They started chatting, but other than following each other on social media, that was all the contact they had… for a YEAR.

Ben texted Elise a year later out of the blue. At first Elise was hesitant, but after a couple of dates the rest was history!

Y’all, these two were naturals in front of the camera! It’s all about being comfortable and having fun with your boo.


One thing I loved about this session was the fact that they trusted us to help them with their outfit choices! When it comes to outfit suggestions, my main goals are to ensure:

  1. You’re comfortable

  2. It’s something you would actually wear in your everyday life and

  3. You can MOVE!

Elise and Ben brought a bunch of options, and we chose colors and combos that worked with the environment. The Grand Canyon had a lot of orange and green tones so we played off those!

Enjoy these magical photos!

Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-3.jpg
Grand Canyon Couple Session-8.jpg
Best Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-12.jpg
Ultimate Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-18.jpg
national park adventures couple session-16.jpg
Grand Canyon Photographer Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-24.jpg
Couple Session at Grand Canyon-27.jpg
Grand Canyon Photographer Captured Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-38.jpg
Grand Canyon Couple Session Style Guide-42.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-55.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-62.jpg
What to Wear for a Photos Couple Session -56.jpg
Couple Session - Be Authentic-67.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-64.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-70.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-77.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-91.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-92.jpg
Grand Canyon Sunrise Adventure Couple Session-87.jpg

All the best,


PS: I made a style guide for my couples that I would love to share with you!

Photo Reveal: Suzy + Mayra's Breathtaking Arizona Desert Session

Alright, y’all. Anchor yourselves in your chair or grip your phones a little tighter, because one epic photo session is coming your way!

The two cuties in this real life love story are Suzy & Mayra: They are madly in love with one another, boss ass business babes, naturally adventurous & soulmates of Arizona’s beautiful horizon.

Their love story & sunset photo adventure below is anything but ordinary.


Back in March, I spent a little time in Arizona with some amazing photographers, and we met up with Suzy and Mayra at Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ.

These two babes have been together FOURTEEN YEARS and have never had professional photos done.

Like... never, ever, ever.

EXCUSE me, what?!

Let’s just say their Arizona desert adventure was special in every single way.

We were only a few minutes into their couples photoshoot before I fell in love with them. They were so real and so in love.

But, before I dive into my favorite takeaways from their Horseshoe Bend photoshoot… I’ll introduce you to Suzy & Mayra’s insanely, romantic love story.


Prior to meeting Mayra, Suzy had to quit working at a clothing store to spend some time with family in Mexico.

Suzy’s replacement just so happened to be Mayra! Suzy stayed friends with the owner of the store and would come around every once and awhile. During one of her every-now-and-then visits, the other associates dared Mayra to ask Suzy for her number.

And, the rest is history!!

Suzy said that even though it was a dare, Mayra was “all about it” and they have been together ever since.

These babes have been married for five years but have been together for fourteen total. WOW!

On their third anniversary, they took a trip to Vegas and made a future promise together: If they made it to five years, they were going to stay at the Bellagio.

WELL, five years past, then six…. Seven. On their eighth year they finally headed back to Vegas.

But, Suzy had something else up her sleeve for this “spontaneous” trip.

When they went to Vegas, it just so happened that they had been together for one-hundred months. Crazy, coincidentally, cute... right?

So, Suzy put a hundred Hershey kisses into a box, along with an engagement ring, and booked a room for two at the Bellagio.

Surprise! Their romantic Las Vegas getaway turned into a Las Vegas engagement setting the stage for their forever.

Since they planned for a California destination wedding, they decided to keep their wedding small and intimate. Suzy & Mayra got married on the beach, had dinner at a restaurant and ended the night at their hotel playing beer pong and doing the things they enjoy.

They didn’t have a destination wedding photographer, so they relied on their family members and friends camera phones for wedding photos.


During their couples session, here are two unique characteristics that absolutely stood out to me & hugged my soul:

  1. Intimate Wedding Idea: Suzy & Mayra chose to get married in a way that really worked for them and was 100% their style! They had complete control over what they did and how they did it which made their wedding uniquely and wonderfully theirs.

  2. Embrace Authenticity: They fully embodied authentic and organic photography style. As I was going through the photos, I couldn’t help but notice how absolutely in love they are! The session was all about them and their connection which made the stunning photoshoot location at Horseshoe Bend even more special.