Real Life: How I Met My Husband

True life: You know what feeds my soul more than my favorite foods satisfying this HUGE foodie heart of mine?

Enjoying a heart-warming, authentic love story that’s living and breathing outside of all the popular romantic books, movies and TV shows we consume (My GUILTY hand is raised real HIGH thanks to Disney and Nicholas Sparks’ work).

Yes, love stories really, really do exist in real life. How do ya think I know?

Because, year round, I get to meet and photograph happy, destined-for-each-other couples who share their love story with me, and it’s like discovering a new sparkly gem every day.

My client’s love testimonies (and even my own) are proof that humanity does experience love stories in ALL different ways, and it can be summed up in one freakin’ tasty recipe:

One couple’s love story is unlike anyone else’s in the world and that’s what makes them truly special.

Let’s CHEERS to that! Doesn’t that just give you goosebumps and crazy, warm, fuzzy feelings?

One couple’s love story is unlike anyone else’s in the world.

YAAASSSS! The sweet beauty of authenticity kinda leaves you breathless.

While you catch your breath, I’ll give you a fun example of a real love story:

I met my husband on Facebook. Yup, good ole Facebook.

Doesn’t really seem real, right? Oh, but it is, and it’s a crazy, true adventure meant only for us.

I believe our love story is so special, unlike any one else's in the world, because it’s rooted in the way we walked the path of taking chances and embracing coincidences. The adventurous bricks are colored in for you below (feel free to imagine Dorothy’s yellow brick road with me).

We met coincidentally on Facebook.

7 years ago, John Mark (my hubs now) friend requested me. He lived in Virginia Beach, and I was going to college in Raleigh, NC.

We were about 200 miles away from each other and total strangers.

Luckily for me, my Hubs saw we had 1 mutual friend in common annnndddd has a thing for redheads, so he added me thinking we might meet sometime in the future.

Which we did, finally meet, but not until after we Skype dated for 6 months

(if that’s not a thing, it totally should be). I was in Italy studying abroad, so, if we wanted to take a chance on each other, the way to go was saying yes to an “out of the ordinary” dating adventure. I mean... he’s a freakin’ cutie, and his genuine personality contributed to 90% of the motivation. :)

Interestingly enough, since we couldn’t rely on anything but Skype to connect, we discovered the beautiful ingredients of non-surfaced conversations and building blocks for healthy communication.

Looking back now, even if I hustled around Italy everyday hunting for wi-fi & John Mark accidentally racked up a $600 international phone bill, I can’t imagine us starting our relationship any other way. I can still hear him saying after his phone bill came in: “You’re lucky I really like you.”

Intuition is a beautiful thang.

Thankfully, our SUPER unconventional love story didn’t end there. We knew we were going to be together, so it continued [no matter what]...

When we met for the first time after 6 months of Skype dating,

I felt like I knew everything about him because of our strong emotional attachment thanks to long distance dating.

However, getting used to being around each other physically (in regards to our height difference - he’s 6’5” & I’m 5’1”) was a bit awkward. BUT, only a small speed bump in our journey.

Can you imagine us learning how to hug, kiss, cuddle & take selfies at that height difference? It made for some comedic relief during the first few days. My present day Instagram photos is proof our height difference didn’t stop us...

So, we took a chance on each other by committing ourselves to a long distance relationship for 4 years...

Because, why not?

Wait, WHHHATT. I know what you’re thinking...4 YEARS? How did we do it? How did we even survive a year? I know, I know. I still can’t believe it.

After studying abroad, our career paths (Disney College Program for me then Disney Cruise Line for him) led us in opposite directions and miles away from each other during that time. It wasn’t easy peasy. But...

Through the coincidences of our traveling schedule, and, I know it’s corny... but also taking a chance on the *spark* in our hearts, we turned the limited physical time we could spend together into adventuring all over the world together (Boone, NC, Toronto, the Bahamas, Mexico, New York City, Disneyland & San Francisco).

We learned and experienced new places hand in hand and it brewed an essential ingredient of strength that grew both our individuality and our unity.

After 4 years, our traveling adventures navigated us to the ONE coincidence that would alter our course forever.

Can you guess it?

Dun. Dun. Dun. A proposal.

John Mark’s last assigned Disney Cruise contract landed him in Toronto for rehearsals before boarding. So, I decided to fly out to visit him for a “Rose + John Mark in Toronto Takes 2.” He took me to Toronto Island for a day date where we walked and ate our way around the sweet little town.

Just before sunset, he grabbed my camera (the same one he gifted me before our recent anniversary & the same one that ignited my passion for photography) and set it up on a tripod to take pictures of us on a bench.

What I didn’t know is that he was video recording us as he walked over to me, got down on one knee and proposed. I SOBBED. Yup, my bucket of tears were caught on camera too. But, it was a good kind of sobbing.

Although I pretty much knew it was coming, his proposal still caught me off guard because of all that we have been through up until that point.

Many more coincidences danced with us all the way to the moment we said “I Do.”

We got married a year and a half later in Maryland at The Comus Inn located at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain - the same mountain we had our first “in person” date.

When we signed the contract for the venue, I realized that our wedding date might be super close to the first time I messaged him on Facebook. After some digging, I realized we were getting married five years to the day we first started talking - almost even down to the minute. Can you say: Meant to be? :)

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Today, tomorrow & into the future, when it comes to livin’ on love, be yo’ self & be brave.

And, with that, I’ll drop my mic, becauseeeeeee….I’m DYING to meet you & your love story.

Share your love story,

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In cased you skimmed that, here’s a recap:

  • One couple’s love story is unlike anyone else’s in the world and that’s what makes them truly special. My clients and my own love story (filled with taking chances and advantages of coincidences) are real testimonies of this vital truth.

  • Today, tomorrow & into the future, when it comes to livin’ on love, be yo self & be brave.