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The hardest part of photoshoot prep is deciding what to wear

I know it’s daunting, but I wanted to create a guide for my clients to help with the decision process. My photography style is very organic and intimate – it’s about YOU! I want you feelin’ yourself and comfortable so I can capture the essence of who you are as a couple.

The guidelines I made below are only suggestions to help us achieve imperfect perfection, so feel free to stay true to who you are! 


Options! I like my couples to bring options to a shoot so we can mix and match and make magic happen. Usually people bring 3-4 bottoms and 4-5 tops, or 3-4 dresses. Keep in mind where you’ll be changing! Sometimes it may be in the back of a car if we are on an adventure, so keep that in mind with your ensembles. If you aren’t up for stripping down, I suggest layering pieces underneath your ensembles. If you only are going to be wearing one outfit, send me photos beforehand so we can pick out an ensemble together!




Movement! This is my favorite to talk about. I love the feeling in photos. I want to feel like I’m there with you when I look back at our time togther. When we are picking out outfits let’s think about comfort and mobility. Some people like to go out and buy new outfits for shoots, but I find wearing something that’s broken in creates more comfort and movement. Something that’s been lived in, clothes that you could wear every day. I also love it when couples wear clothes that flow or have hair down. Catching wind adds energy! 


I usually say stick with neutrals. That doesn’t necessarily mean grays and blacks since there are neutrals in every color. In red, I would choose a wine or burgundy tones. In yellow, I would choose mustard. Forest green, teal, plum, navy, rust, brown are all great options! I would just stay away from bright colors, specifically bright pinks, oranges and reds. It makes it hard to edit skin tones. The only exception for those colors are if you have olive or darker skin! 




Avoid big, loud and bright patterns. Smaller and subtle is better! Busy patterns take the focus away from you. Flannels are always a yes for me, but try and avoid clashing patterns with your partner! 


Let me start off by saying, if you have a dog, BRING THEM. 

Props don’t have to be cheesy. Think picnics, blankets, flower crowns, bouquets, campfires, wine and cheese platters, etc. Have an idea? Let me know and we can figure out the best way to make it work! 

I’m also a fan of accessories. I’m talking hats, scarves, jackets, etc. A little touch that will make the photos just a tad different. 



Hair & Make Up

You want to look like you! Some people put on make up every day, some people never wear make up, but in the end these photos are a reflection of who you are. Getting your hair and make up done isn’t necessary, but if it helps you feel like yourself – go for it! If you are planning on getting a spray tan before your shoot, make sure it looks like natural. I highly suggest going with an airbrush tan rather than the spray tan look. Orange skin tones are going to be VERY hard to make natural in your photos! 

In Home Sessions

For these, I say the more skin the better. There are so many things going on in homes color and texture wise that you want the focus to be on you. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and cozy.

Fun fact: I hate jeans. If I were getting an in home session done, I would probably wear sleep shorts and a super loose sweater because that’s probably what you would find me wearing inside. 


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

I am here to help. And when it comes time for you shoot, I want you to feel like a rockstar so I can be the ultimate third wheel on your love adventure! 

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  1. Cindy says:

    All great suggestions.
    I especially love the if you have a dog bring me suggestion. Dogs always make everything better.

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