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Weddings are being impacted by Covid and plans are looking a little different moving forward. Through all the craziness and reschedules, my job still remains to serve and help couples during this time in the best ways I can. Whether your wedding becomes a small elopement now with just your soon-to-be forever partner and a big party later, or an intimate ceremony with your closest family and friends in the next few months, I’m here to help you remember your day — no matter what it looks like. Especially in our current world, those memories of love and joy on your special day that fought ALL the struggles of Covid and the wildness of 2020 are what you will hold onto and look back on for years to come.

As folks begin the process of considering downsizing their current wedding plans, I wanted to highlight how I’m assisting my couples in this time and also call attention to some of the benefits of an intimate celebration of love. Before I dive in, I will remind everyone that the decision to completely reschedule, shift to an elopement, or create an alternative micro-wedding are very personal and ultimately come down to each couple, their priorities, and families. There’s a lot to consider so take your time and make the decision be about you and your partner’s wants and needs.

Love Isn't Cancelled — Planning An Elopmenet or Intimate Wedding in 202098.JPG

Love Isn't Cancelled — Planning An Elopmenet or Intimate Wedding in 2020101.JPG

How I assist my couples during these times:

1. Help them completely reschedule their event

Flexibility and clear communication have been key for me aiding my couples who have pushed back all their plans later in the year or 2021. It’s hard enough to re-book one wedding vendor, let alone 5 or more! I’ve been over-communicative with all my couples, even before it seemed like they might reschedule, so that everyone knows I’m here for them and available to discuss alternatives.

2. Help them reschedule their event and photograph an elopement on their original date

I’ve helped a few of my couples to shift their plans to an intimate elopement this year, and their larger wedding celebration to 2021. It’s a stressful process for them as all their plans have changed drastically. My job is to get them excited and focus on the positives of a lovely, small elopement… and snag gorgeous pictures along the way.

3. Help them plan their micro wedding

While I’ve been helping all my 2020 couples who already booked me before the Covid outbreak, I’ve also been able to assist new couples as they come on board and book me to capture their day. With a lot up in the air, many folks are opting for a smaller, intimate gathering and I’ve been helping by serving lots of knowledge on how to pull off a micro-wedding.

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Benefits of an Intimate Wedding:

1. Intentional:

With a micro-wedding, your guest list squeezes down to the most important people in your lives. This helps you and your partner remove the stress of long guest lists and the headache of the elimination game when trying to narrow down your final list.

2. Couple-focused:

Weddings have always been about you and your love story, but an intimate wedding allows that to remain the focus whereas a larger wedding can pull the couple in many directions on the wedding day. Smaller weddings mean more time for you and your partner to focus on one another, and really soak in the moment.

3. You get a tailored photo experience:

Less guests equals less formal family photos! That means there’s more time for creative couples’ portraits that capture your iconic love and more photos of the in-between moments in your small dinner celebration.

Love Isn't Cancelled — Planning An Elopmenet or Intimate Wedding in 202097.JPG

Love Isn't Cancelled — Planning An Elopmenet or Intimate Wedding in 202096.JPG

Ways to Make Your Smaller, Intimate Wedding special:

1. Livestream the ceremony:

Video live streaming during the ceremony is a smart way to allow guests and loved ones who cannot currently travel to still participate in the big day. I’ve seen some couples have a dedicated friend or family member set this up, or the wedding planner will help you coordinate this so everyone can tune in digitally!

2. Plan a party for later!

Just because you can’t have a big blow-out party now doesn’t mean you never can! A great bonus is that it’s cheaper to do a small ceremony now and have a low-key, but FUN party in a few months. It’s like you get to do it twice and almost relive it!

3. Do a postponed wedding vow renewal 

While you can officially tie the knot now, you can do a vow renewal for all your family and friends at a later date. Similar to throwing a party later, this allows you both to relive your day in a fun, new way and almost extends the celebration of love longer than originally planned.

These are wild times we’re living through, but I aim to be a resource and warm energy for all my couples navigating their new wedding plans. For more insight on wedding planning and rescheduling in the time of Covid, check out my Covid-19 Wedding Guide. It has a ton of useful information for folks debating about reschedules and how to move forward!

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