A Wedding Photographer in Italy: Beautiful Rome Couples Session

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Without a doubt, Italy is my favorite place that I’ve traveled. From the ancient ruins to the Chianti, the country is downright enchanting. I can’t imagine anything more exciting than being a wedding photographer in Italy. It’s really the ultimate dream for me. When I was there in December, I met up with Nealy and Joe for a couples session in Rome. The city’s timeless charm came to life in their images.

An Atlanta Wedding Photographer in Italy

Maybe you’re wondering how this Atlanta wedding photographer ended up in Italy for a couples session. To be honest, it was serendipitous. It started when my husband and I bought tickets to Italy to celebrate my birthday. I was so excited.

A couple stands outside a church in Rome

a wedding photographer in Italy with a couple on a cobblestone street

Then I realized that I would be a wedding photographer in Italy. I could do a dream photography session! I posted one of my favorite images taken in Europe and asked, “Is anyone going to be in Italy next month and interested in photos?”

I couldn’t believe my luck when Nealy responded! Nealy has been a follower of mine on Instagram for a long time. She’s always been so supportive, and it felt like fate that I would get to photograph her in Italy. So much fell into place to make this photo shoot possible. Originally, Nealy and Joe were scheduled to be in another city that day, but their plans changed. We were able to meet up in Rome, one of my favorite cities in the world.

The couple leans on a brick wall

Dreamy Rome Couples Photography

Nealy and Joe’s love of Italy began a few years ago. After they eloped, they visited Italy on a trip that turned out to be life changing. They fell in love with the country! In fact, Joe and Nealy love Italy so much that they decided to take their families on a grand tour of the country.

The couple’s trip ended in Rome where we met up for this dreamy couples session. After Nealy supported me for so long in person, it was absolutely incredible to meet her in person! As a wedding photographer, I really value that sense of connection with my clients.

We started the couples session outside an old church. The lines of the architecture in these images are striking. The unusual staircase creates a pyramid-like shape behind the couple while the cobblestones of the road curve unexpectedly. Even the big patina door adds to the aged beauty.

a wedding photographer in Italy with a couple by the forum

The wedding photographer in Italy with a couple sitting on a wall

The couple poses on a hilltop

Next we headed to a hill overlooking the ruins of the Roman Forum. The pillars of the ancient Temple of Saturn rise towards the sky. It’s a truly iconic image of Rome! To photograph there was a dream come true. I love the poses we tried at this location. You can tell how passionate Joe and Nealy are about each other, especially in the image with Nealy sitting on the wall.

Rome’s winters are pretty mild, but you could hardly go to one of the world’s most fashionable cities without a sharp coat. Nealy and Joe looked dapper in neutrals. They smartly color blocked too. I love that Nealy brought this hat along. Hats elevate an outfit, and they’re fun props. Having something to play with gave a little variety to the photos.

The couple walks down a hillside with a wedding photographer in Italy

black and white images of the couple in Rome

Hopeful Destination Wedding Photographer

For a wedding photographer in Italy, Rome really has no shortage of compelling photo locations. People zip around ancient ruins on scooters. Narrow lanes wind up hills past stone chapels with priceless paintings inside. The towering umbrella pines bring a sense of whimsy to the awe-inspiring scenery. Walking the streets of Rome has a dream-like quality that is perfect for photographing people in love.

When I reflect on this couples session, I realize how much I love photographing destination weddings. Italy is especially close to my heart. The winding ancient streets are the ideal place to document a love story unfolding. Nealy and Joe will be able to look back on these images and remember how swept up they were by their love for each other and this magical place.

The couple walks in a plaza with the wedding photographer in Italy

The couple kisses in the street

The couple cuddles in Rome for the wedding photographer in Italy

Are you looking for a photographer for your destination wedding? I would be honored to preserve your love story. Reach out to me, and let’s get the conversation started.

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