FILED IN: Elopements

Figuring out how to navigate Covid is something allllll the 2020 couples can unite on. It’s been a whirlwind and it’s wild to see how we, both couples and vendors, have adapted to the new times. But when the quarantine first went into place, this was uncharted territory for folks —  two of them being […]

Elopements and micro weddings are becoming more popular among couples who are excited to declare their love and tie the knot in a more intimate way. While eloping certainly requires less planning than a 200-person wedding, there are some key things you won’t want to miss as you begin to map out your small exchange […]

FILED IN: Planning Tips

Weddings are being impacted by Covid and plans are looking a little different moving forward. Through all the craziness and reschedules, my job still remains to serve and help couples during this time in the best ways I can. Whether your wedding becomes a small elopement now with just your soon-to-be forever partner and a […]