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Amidst the chaos of Covid-19, a movement was born!

A couple weeks into the Covid-19 insanity, a few photographers were being innovative about how we could take photos and connect with people from the comfort of our homes. Front porch sessions have a lot of liability and risk, but also illegal under executive stay at home orders, so FaceTime sessions started popping up in the boudoir and wedding photographer communities.

A few weeks ago Tia Nash Bilinsky created an amazing course that goes over the logistics of FaceTime sessions and some tips and tricks to make the images look more professional even though they’re low res.


I immediately bought it and came up with the idea to call it “The FaceTime Project.”

I started marketing these sessions pretty heavily on Instagram when on of my 2021 grooms reached out to me. He works for the news here in Georgia and usually cover sports. He saw what I was doing with FaceTime sessions and asked if he could pitch the story since they’re trying to fill in the gaps on the news right now with stories of good people doing good things.

OBVIOUSLY I said yes. What an incredible opportunity to bring awareness that front porch has sessions aren’t safe AND that we have figured out a way to take photos of life how it is right now. I want photographers to know they have options. You can check out the video on Fox 5 Atlanta.

The FaceTime Project photo sessions are a way for us to stay safe during isolation and still capture the moments and memories still happening around us. We are spending more time together than we ever have before. Why not remember the good moments through photos? These sessions give you the opportunity to have something to look forward to, connect with people and support small businesses. This is a “Pay What You Can” project. It is way more about connecting with you all than it is about money!



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