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If you’ve been around here long enough, you can tell I take a lot of content photos. There is a lot of method to my madness, and I promise I’m not a narcissist, but it’s SO important for me to be accessible and transparent as a business owner.

I want you to know who I am even before we start chatting which means I need to take photos that truly shows my personality. But how do I get images like that and actually look good? Well I am unpacking all of my secrets for all of you business owners and soon-to-be influencers!

Here are my 8 tips and tricks to getting high quality content images.

  1. Keep your chin up!

    Turn towards the light or find even lighting. There are so many reasons why I tell people to tilt their chin up. It creates flattering angles, you can reduce the amount of shadows on your face and if you’re wearing sunglasses it’s a total power move.

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2. MAke sure there is negative space around your waist

This creates curves. You either want to have your hand on your hip or you want to lean against something with your hip popped out. Even if you’re like me and have absolutely no hips from the front, this will create a really flattering shape!


3. Fake laugh

But for real. It will feel ridiculous, but if if you embrace it it will create a genuine smile that is both engaging and contagious.


4. Lean forward

Whether you’re standing up or sitting down, this will give your portraits some dimension and pull your audience in. I used this trick all the time and even have my boudoir clients do this!

5. Strut

WERK IT. When you walk forward over dramatize and cross your legs in front of each other and swing your arms. This will create shape and make your photo carefree.



6. Frame your face

This is another one of those tricks you can use either standing up or sitting down. Sometimes I put my hand under my chin, other times I put it through my hair. This will bring the attention to your gorgeous smile.


7. Have your photographer continuously shoot

Sometimes the best images are in the in-between moments. I usually have whoever is photographing me to just keep it going. I will let them shoot for a moment, check the images to see how I can adjust and do it again. My ultimate goal is to just have a few photos that I can use for content!

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It will create a natural looking image that isn’t posed and is 100% authentically you. You’ll quickly figure out what works and what doesn’t and will have a variety of images to choose from!

Now that all of my secrets are EXPOSED, I hope you can use them to create some images that are fun and authentically you!

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